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      1886年,Louis Hefomer从小在祖母与父亲的熏陶下,20岁就对yabo2009制造产生了强烈的热爱,22岁时,Louis Hefomer先生在德国Leipzig区yabo2009工厂学习yabo2009制造,之后出师于德国莱比锡制琴厂,在熟练地掌握了当时所有yabo2009 制造技术之后,年轻的Hefomer先生便在1898年自己建立了yabo2009工厂,开始在德国Leipzig区生产琴壳和音源(码 克)。海亚博世界杯足球appyabo2009在整个欧洲和近中东地区销售。海亚博世界杯足球appyabo2009数款三角琴因为其丰满和富有感染力的声音成为当时畅销 的yabo2009。时至今日,海亚博世界杯足球appyabo2009,在世界各地演绎着德国品质yabo2009故事。1998年开始受中国yabo2009制造商的邀请,海亚博世界杯足球app yabo2009核心技术人员来中国担任技术指导,2002年,海亚博世界杯足球appyabo2009与中国浙江青扬乐器有限公司合作生产"海亚博世界杯足球app"牌钢 琴。海亚博世界杯足球app以近乎严苛的制琴态度,专注于每个细节,近些年更是致力于温润声音的打造,建立精品形象。不仅仅是制 琴,海亚博世界杯足球appyabo2009还坚持积极参与公益、回馈社会,以琴声立足世界,让音乐影响生活!
      In 1886, Louis Hefomer grew up under the influence of his grandmother and his father.At the age of 20, he had a strong passion for piano production.At the age of 22, Louis Hefomer studied piano production at the piano factory in Leipzig, Germany, and later became a piano maker in Leipzig, Germany.After mastering all the piano manufacturing techniques at the time, the young Hefomer established his own piano factory in 1898 and began producing shells and sound sources (codes) in the Leipzig district of Germany.Huffman pianos are sold throughout Europe and the Middle East.The Hevman Piano's several grand pianos became the best-selling pianos at that time because of their fullness and appealing voice.Today, Hefomer Piano, a German quality piano story is performed around the world.In 1998, he was invited by Chinese piano manufacturers.Hefomer piano core technicians came to China for technical guidance.Hefomer focused on every detail with a near-rigorous violin making attitude.In recent years, he has devoted himself to Wenrun.The creation of sound, the establishment of a boutique image.More than just making the piano, Huffman Piano also insists on actively participating in public welfare and giving back to the society, relying on the sound of the piano to make the world alive and let music influence life!


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